Claude Gasser is a Zürich based photographer and filmmaker.

In a very sensitive manner his works show a strong authenticity and are driven by the desire to explore and create one of a kind visual experiences. The base of his practice is the ability to catch spontaneous and natural moments in a very unique and precise way. Capturing life in all of its varieties, from raw and honest portraits to powerful and storytelling campaigns. Always picturing a deep understanding of lights and moods throughout his entire work.

His clients include Nespresso, Mini, Samsung, Fooby, Migros, Globus, Navyboot, Hotel Widder, Operation Libero, Brigitte Magazin, Ringier, Neumühle, Ikou Tschüss and Julian Zigerli. As well as collaborations with agencies such as Jung von Matt, Seviceplan, Raffinerie, Sir Mary and Contexta.

represented by 
Vera Schmid / Agent & Production